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Social communication challenges warranting a need for a Social Skills group: Red Flags

- Suspected or confirmed communication delay

- Child prefers to play alone or has limited interest in peer to peer interaction

- Demonstrates interest in peer to peer play but has difficulty engaging with other children (could be lack of verbal ability to play with others as well as signs of atypical social behaviors)

- Demonstrates age- appropriate oral language skills; however has difficulty USING language appropriately to communicate with others (may not know to ask for help, to ask for a turn, to "say the right thing", or to problem-solve out of a conflict with a peer- if older; this child may also present as aggressive when not understood by others)

- Diagnosis of Autism, persistent Social Communication challenges and/or processing delays resulting in below age appropriate or atypical social interactions (**children with severe behaviors may not be ready for group therapy)

- Child is doing well academically and with structured (predictable) tasks; however struggles to make friends or struggles to socialize outside of predictable environments (e.g. during free play with peers, imaginative play, games that call for creativity)

Contact us if you aren't sure whether your child is a good fit for a Social Skills Group at this time.

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