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Exposing children to literacy early (birth to 5) has several benefits:

  1. Brain Development: Reading and being exposed to language at a young age can help with the development of language, cognitive and literacy skills.

  2. Improved Vocabulary: Children who are exposed to literacy early have an increased chance of having a larger vocabulary and stronger language skills.

  3. Better Concentration: Reading to children helps improve their concentration and focus.

  4. Improved Academic Performance: Children who have early exposure to literacy tend to perform better in school and have better overall academic success.

  5. Develops Imagination: Reading books to children can help develop their imagination and creativity.

  6. Provides Cultural Awareness: Reading books from different cultures can provide children with a broader understanding and appreciation of the world around them.

  7. Strengthens Family Bond: Reading together with family can help strengthen family bonds and create special memories.

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