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Meet the team

Meet Natalie R Tipakov, MS-CCC- SLP, our senior bilingually certified clinician and the founder of Chattykiddo Pediatric Therapy. Natalie has worked with children 0-18 across a variety of settings for over 14 years. Natalie completed all of her speech pathology schooling in New York City, where she had practiced the first 6 years before moving to Southern California in 2016. She is a passionate PROMPT (level 2) therapist, motor planning expert (e.g. apraxia) as well as feeding consultant. Natalie has extensive experience working with children with various neurodevelpmental disorders, including Autism.  She is also a passionate advocate for shaping social communication (social skills) early on to help children succeed in life. When not in therapy Natalie loves spending time with her husband Alex and their four year old son Matthew. She enjoys reading, traveling, and running! 

Meet Alex, Natalie's husband and Chattykiddo's financial operations officer. Alex is in charge of making sure the day to day operations are running smoothly and Chattykiddo Pediatric Therapy is compliant with the city and state on all levels. 

Alex graduated from Chapman University in Orange, California and has been an entrepreneur exploring international and local business opportunities since then. 

Alex is in charge of making most dinners in the family! He is an avid tennis player and a hiker on the weekends.

Kelly photo.jpg

Meet our lovely Kelly Howie, pediatric SLPA. We love Kelly for both her experience and and bubbly personality!


Kelly has a Bachelor of Science in Child and Adolescents Studies, which she utilized as a preschool teacher for the majority of her career.  Kelly added to her education and became a licensed SLPA in the Fall of 2018. Since then, she has provided home based, early intervention therapy as well as school based, special day class and speech therapy for the preschool population. Kelly finds deep reward in her work as a SLPA, focusing on connection with clients and targeting goals via play based therapy. The kids will also tell you Kelly can quickly turn into a singer in sessions! 


Kelly loves spending time with her husband and children. Baking and reading are some of her favorite activities.

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Meet sweet Taryn, pediatric SLPA. We love Taryn for being a creative play based clinician but also for being a therapist who's truly on top of her therapy data (how we measure progress)! 


Taryn has recently joined Chattykiddo Pediatric Therapy but children already wait for their next session with her! 


Taryn graduated from California State University Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communicative Disorders. She initially started her career path as a Behavioral Interventionist and had practiced ABA for a few years before diving into the speech- language therapy world.  After completing various volunteer positions/internships, Taryn went on to earn her SLPA license in December 2018.  Taryn had worked at another private clinic for a couple of years before joining ChattyKiddo. One of the things Taryn enjoys most about her job is facilitating language development in the school age population. She is also very comfortable working with preschoolers with various developmental disorders. 


When not in therapy,

Taryn enjoys spending time with her friends, family, and pets (read hamsters!). She also loves cooking, painting, and reading! 

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