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Meet the team

Meet Natalie R Tipakov, MS-CCC- SLP, our senior bilingually certified clinician and the founder of Chattykiddo Pediatric Therapy. Natalie has worked with children 0-18 across a variety of settings for over 14 years. Natalie completed all of her speech pathology schooling in New York City, where she had practiced the first 6 years before moving to Southern California in 2016. She is a passionate PROMPT (level 2) therapist, motor planning expert (e.g. apraxia) as well as feeding consultant. Natalie has extensive experience working with children with various neurodevelpmental disorders, including Autism.  She is also a passionate advocate for shaping social communication (social skills) early on to help children succeed in life. When not in therapy Natalie loves spending time with her husband Alex and their three children (identical twin girls have arrived in December of 2023). Natalie also enjoys learning through Huberman podcasts and has a passion for traveling and running! 

Meet Alex, Natalie's husband and Chattykiddo's financial operations officer. Alex is in charge of making sure the day to day operations are running smoothly and Chattykiddo Pediatric Therapy is compliant with the city and state on all levels. 

Alex graduated from Chapman University in Orange, California and has been an entrepreneur exploring international and local business opportunities since then. 

Alex is in charge of making most dinners in the family! He is an avid tennis player and a hiker on the weekends.

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Meet sweet Taryn, pediatric SLPA. We love Taryn for being a creative play based clinician but also for being a therapist who's truly on top of her therapy data (how we measure progress)!


Taryn graduated from California State University Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communicative Disorders. She initially started her career path as a Behavioral Interventionist and had practiced ABA for a few years before diving into the speech- language therapy world.  After completing various volunteer positions/internships, Taryn went on to earn her SLPA license in December 2018.  Taryn had worked at another private clinic for a couple of years before joining ChattyKiddo. One of the things Taryn enjoys most about her job is facilitating language development in the school age population. She is also very comfortable working with preschoolers with various developmental disorders. Taryn is currently interested in integrating more of the DIR model into her therapy sessions. She is also implementing the use of DTTC approach with her speech articulation and motor planning kiddos.  


When not in therapy,

Taryn enjoys spending time with her friends, family, and pets (read hamsters!). She also loves cooking, painting, and reading! 

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Meet our lovey Heather, pediatric SLPA.

Heather graduated Magna Cum Laude from California State University Los Angeles, with a bachelor’s degree in Communicative Disorders in December 2020. She has been working with a variety of communication impaired children in private clinics since then. Previous to becoming a Speech Language Pathology Assistant, she had a career in Human Resources for almost 10 years. How cool is that?!  Heather feels she is now in a career that she is truly passionate about- helping children communicate.  While Heather is well versed in treating children of all ages (from minimally verbal and those on the Autism spectrum to working with children who are working on higher level language skills), she especially enjoys working on social pragmatic skills, teaching kiddos to USE language functionally and appropriately across all social situations.  Heather is now leading our Social Club to do just that! She finds deep reward in helping each child to better communicate with their loved ones and within their community. 

In her free time, Heather enjoys doing arts and crafts and spending time with her dog and cat! She also loves art and music and brings these hobbies and passions into her fun sessions at Chattykiddo. 

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