Being "social" is so much more than our ability to use words and play together. We are "social" when patiently waiting for our turn to go on a slide, social again when we are able to look at and listen to another, we are also incredibly social when simply smiling to another human at a traffic light. So when does being social start then? Well, actually, the various earlier (think eye gaze) and more sophisticated (conversing with someone) social skills start to accumulate on the day we are born when we find our caregiver's eyes for the very first time! For children having difficulties in this important area of communicating and relating we are currently screening for our social skills groups. 


Don't miss this opportunity to enroll your child into a meaningful social language program ran by an expert. The skills learned in our groups will help hone those crucial social and academic abilities every child needs to thrive outside the familiar home environment. After all our social communication skills are the building blocks needed to function in the very complex world every day, in every situation, and across lifespan. 

If you have more questions about this service please email office@chattykiddo.com.




Let's Get Social Level I- moving from "I" to "we"


For our 2-3 year olds with emerging ability to attend in group, look at picture books, play simple turn-taking games with adult guidance; varying speaking abilities is okay at this level. This group session runs for 45 minutes with a 10 minute parent discussion at the end (total of 55 min).

Let's Get Social Level II

For 4-5 year olds with near age appropriate language skills, improved social attending, turn-taking, and sharing. This group will build upon the fundamental skills addressed in group Level 1 and work toward improvements in the area of nonverbal communication, verbal socializing, using language for a variety of functions, honing conversational skills, and engaging in shared imaginative play. This group session runs for 45 minutes with a 10 minute parent discussion at the end (total of 55 min).