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Serving children since 2009

ChattyKiddo Pediatric Therapy offers individualized, family-centered, and strength- based intervention approach to help children reach their greatest potential. Chattykiddo supports children of all ages in becoming spontaneous, creative, and happy communicators and pledges to always have your child’s best interest in mind when planning and implementing a therapy program. 


ChattyKiddo’s philosophy is to be guided into each therapy session following your child’s natural interests and play preferences (Greenspan, DIR model).  ChattyKiddo believes these natural inclinations and enticements should always act as the fundamental step for setting up successful intervention. ChattyKiddo looks at each child as a whole and blends the right therapy tools to gently approach the areas of difficulty.


Additionally, we are all about coaching the family on HOW to carry over skills at home and in other naturalistic environments so that the learning sticks! This is one of the many aspects that sets us apart from other therapy providers.  Come see us and find out for your self.  

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