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Let’s start flapping those social butterfly wings together!


Below is a breakdown of some of the lifelong skills we are teaching in our Let’s Get Social groups. The groups are inspired by the Social Thinking methodology created by Michelle Garcia Winner. If you haven't heard of her work- dive in! It's a wealth of wisdom.

Let's Get Social- Level I (age 2-3):

- improving emerging awareness of other people’s faces and what they communicate (i.e. eye- gaze, basic emotions, gestural communication)

- learning joint attention and joint- attending through picture books and joint play

- learning to wait a turn when playing with one toy or sharing one activity in group

- learning to wait a turn during a structured group game

- learning that other people may need help

- learning to help a friend

- learning to reduce frustration through using words with others

- learning to problem-solve through early play

- and most of all learning to have shared fun!

Let’s Get Social- Level II ( age 4-5):

- learning that other people have thoughts and feelings too (perspective taking)

- learning that our thoughts and feelings may be different from other people's thoughts and feelings

- learning to wait a turn when playing together (more spontaneous pretend play)

- learning to wait a turn when having a conversation

- learning to offer help

- learning to ask for help

- learning to ask a variety of questions

- learning to tell a story to others

- learning to listen to a friend’s story

- learning to comment on a friend’s story

- learning to cheer a friend up

- learning to lose in a game

- learning to problem-solve as a group

- learning to share an imagination in play

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