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Dear families, 

We continue to do our absolute best to ensure your child's safety while providing in person therapy- a service essential to your child's continued developmental progress. You may always choose to go the tele-health route or elect a combination approach (alternate in person and tele- health sessions). Please inquire about your pre-COVID 19 time slots to see if those are still available.  

If you decide to return for in-office visits please rest assured we will be implementing specific safeguards to minimize the exposure risks related to the coronavirus. Please review these safeguards below:  

1. If a parent's attendance in session is necessary, you will be asked to bring and wear a mask and/or face shield. At this time, face masks are not recommended for the children we service. However, as a family you may decide whether your child can tolerate wearing a mask in therapy.

2. Temperature checks and a short health questionnaire for clients will be conducted upon entry into the building. If anyone in your family has been ill, we ask that you let us know immediately. 

3. Anyone entering the facility must wash their hands thoroughly before entering the therapy room.

4. At this time our waiting room is to remain closed.

5. Unless your presence is absolutely necessary, all parents will be required to drop their child off and wait in their vehicle for the duration of the therapy visit. Children will be promptly returned to their vehicle by the treating clinician or assistant. No siblings will be allowed in the building at this time.

6. Materials utilized during therapy sessions will be kept to a minimum. All toys will be sanitized before reuse.

7. Fabric toys, play dough, sensory activities and other difficult to clean objects will not be used to help maintain a healthy treatment environment.

8. Clinician will wash hands before and after each therapy session.

9. Clinician will sanitize the therapy room and/or work station between sessions. 



Chattykiddo Pediatric Therapy is here to support you and your family in this difficult time. We will continue to provide updates related to the COVID 19 situation and how it impacts our service delivery. 


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